1. Physical Sciences
  2. Technology
As a terminal disease threatening human existence, cancer alters DNA in human cells, causing uncontrolled cell division and ultimately spreads the disease. In order to destroy these abnormal cells, radiations are used but difficulty arises in targeting radiations to these abnormal cells without affecting neighboring healthy cells. In order to combat the disease effectively, a solution […]
  1. Engineering
  2. Technology
Embedded technology is now in its prime and the wealth of knowledge available is mind blowing. However, most embedded systems engineers have a common complaint: there are no comprehensive resources available which deal with the various design and implementation issues of this technology. Intellectual property regulations of many corporations as well as the tendency to […]
  1. Technology
In recent years, virtual reality has been developed by companies such as Google releasing the Google Cardboard headset in 2014. Although virtual reality headsets are heavily associated with video gaming due to the companies that developed them, scientists are increasingly exploring other applications such as medicine. Virtual reality is used in several ways within this […]

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