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Earlier last month, thermostat-company Honeywell announced that it had managed to create the world’s most powerful quantum computer, leaving behind the two major rivals in the field – Google and IBM. Honeywell claimed that its system works using more efficient technology. IBM and Google use superconducting quantum bits (“qubits”) in their systems, but Honeywell decided […]
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Eduardo Fernandez, director of neuroengineering at the University of Miguel Hernandez, Spain has presented a particularly unique approach to cure blindness. His method uses technology embedded directly in the rear of the brain as opposed to previous techniques which usually involved prosthetic eyes or retinas. The mechanism uses a modified pair of glasses fitted with […]
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With rising debates on the climate change crisis, researchers and scientists are working tirelessly to provide solutions to combat existing pollution levels and introduce methods to reduce pollution in the future as well. However, it is difficult to incorporate these methods as they are not yet cost-effective or efficient enough to run the global economy. […]
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Since the inception of modern science, people have wondered what it might be like to expand the boundaries of the brainpower to achieve super-intelligence or be able to manipulate and read someone else’s thoughts.  Theorists and sci-fi enthusiasts, for years, have been talking about a singularity point where human and machine can merge, ultimately giving […]

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