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Since the inception of modern science, people have wondered what it might be like to expand the boundaries of the brainpower to achieve super-intelligence or be able to manipulate and read someone else’s thoughts.  Theorists and sci-fi enthusiasts, for years, have been talking about a singularity point where human and machine can merge, ultimately giving […]
  1. Technology
The aviation industry has greatly evolved ever since the Wright Brothers took their first flight. The power of innovation has led man to create a sustainable future for transportation. Particularly, science fiction movies have always triggered the public imagination for flying cars. Up till now, people have suspected the feasibility of this idea, but it […]
  1. Technology
Robots are often imagined as strong, stiff, and hard metal-like creations. But with the advancement of science this concept is going to be changed soon. Scientists have been trying to make robots with soft materials so that they can deal with hard-to-reach places and safely interact with people. A major breakthrough in the field of […]

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