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Before the scientific method, philosophy answered mankind’s big questions. But somewhere along the way, science conquered philosophy; scientists became rather mechanical, surrendering their hobbies and creativity to tireless invention and discovery. IdeaXme’s founder, Andrea Macdonald, interviews Dr. Sam Illingworth, an atmospheric physicist, and an avid science communicator. Dr. Illingworth is currently a Senior Lecturer in […]
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To the common man, Earth is a finitely vast planet with an astounding expanse of both land and water. However, to astronomers and astrophysicists who carry out studies external to our planetary environment, it is understood that the Earth occupies a nearly negligible fraction of our universe’s constituents. Astronomy is a distinctive branch of science […]
  1. Life Science
The Theory of Evolution was notably introduced by naturalist Charles Darwin during the 1800s. It asserts that a species innately evolves through a passage of time by means of natural selection; this development within the organism allows the species to appropriately adapt to its environment. Furthermore, it mentions that different species can originate from a […]
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Equations are made up of intricate or simple connections of numerals and variables. They are a simplified representation of a relationship which can be defined by a mathematical statement. The persistence behind the work of previous mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers in narrowing down complex relations to a sequence of symbols that we can use for […]

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