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Quantum Physics

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Earlier last month, thermostat-company Honeywell announced that it had managed to create the world’s most powerful quantum computer, leaving behind the two major rivals in the field – Google and IBM. Honeywell claimed that its system works using more efficient technology. IBM and Google use superconducting quantum bits (“qubits”) in their systems, but Honeywell decided […]
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The invention of computer made calculations very fast. It paved the way for a rapid progress in science and technology. The early versions of computer were bulky. However, the invention of integrated chip in 1959 made desktops and laptops possible. For daily life needs, today’s computer technology is good enough. But with the time, data […]
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In a world where the word “supremacy” has negative political connotations (does “white supremacy” ring a bell?), John Preskill, a professor of theoretical physics at the California Institute of Technology, couldn’t find a more accurate term to describe the advantages of Quantum Physics over its classical counterpart, which is why he coined the term “quantum […]
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In the context of wave particle duality just like light has “particles” called photons, sound also has particles called phonons. These particles, in-fact, are quasiparticles – a phenomenon that occurs when a microscopically complicated system behaves as if it were a particle. A quantum computer can deliver technology’s long-promised ability to help scientists do things […]
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Albert Einstein once said, ‘God does not play dice with the universe’, to which Niels Bohr replied, ‘Einstein, stop telling God what to do!’ Einstein did not believe in quantum theory because of the mind boggling ideas quantum mechanics predicted. Einstein thought that classical mechanics was the true explanation of reality. In classical mechanics, if […]

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