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Equations are made up of intricate or simple connections of numerals and variables. They are a simplified representation of a relationship which can be defined by a mathematical statement. The persistence behind the work of previous mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers in narrowing down complex relations to a sequence of symbols that we can use for […]
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Maryam Mirzakhani – the first woman of hopefully many, to win the Fields Medal, died on 14th July 2017. A brilliant Iranian mathematician and a professor of Mathematics at Stanford University, her legacy consists of many accolades and laurels for her work in Mathematics, particularly in the areas of hyperbolic geometry and symplectic geometry: both […]
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The study of relationships of numbers is known as number theory. It ranges from the rudimentary study of natural numbers and Pythagorean triples (integers which satisfy the Pythagorean theorem), to more complex theorems such as the Fermat’s Last Theorem. Pierre de Fermat was a seventeenth century French mathematician. Despite being a lawyer by profession, Fermat […]

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