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  1. Health Sciences
The healthcare industry is currently facing numerous challenges. The developing and underdeveloped countries are more vulnerable due to low resource settings, high population, and less health workforce in local hospitals. According to an estimate by the World Health Organization (WHO), 400 million people across the globe do not have access to basic healthcare facilities [1]. […]
  1. News
An adhesive plastic film composed of silver-silica nanoparticles has been tested to be effective in removing 99.84% of SARS-CoV-2 (novel contagious coronavirus) if being exposed for a period of two minutes. This plastic film can be used to protect readily exposed surfaces like door handles, handrails, elevator panels, ATM machines etc. against COVID-19. A Brazilian […]
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To study the aftermath of the infections by the coronavirus, researchers at Harvard Medical School and at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are using an antibody detection tool called VirScan. Developed in 2005, VirScan detects the antibodies in people’s blood which helps indicate the active and past infections by bacteria and viruses. Using a single drop […]

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