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Spectra Internship Program

Spectra Internship Program is a one-of-its-kind program that trains participants, majorly undergraduate students and college students, in the art of science writing, science editing, and science designing through hands-on experience. The program is conducted virtually and runs for a duration of 5 weeks. The training is highly rigorous and incorporates extensive reading, regular assignments with personalized feedback and peer review. Students and instructors immerse themselves in the various elements of popular science writing and responsible journalism. The instructors bring a lot of the first-hand experience to the table. Star graduates of the program may be offered various roles on the Spectra editorial board and noteworthy articles would be published on the website.

The program has been held since the past 3 consecutive years, attracting a remarkable number of applications not only from Pakistan but from around the world as well. The program is highly selective but offered free of charge. Successful graduates of the first iteration of the program have formed the backbone of the Spectra editorial board while some ambitious ones have even made their mark in international student-run science magazines/journals.

Spectra offers three tracks in the internship as detailed below:

  • Writing track: The participants will be exposed to the art of popular science writing with an emphasis on key skills like finding the right story, effective storytelling, interview skills, minimizing jargon without compromising on scientific accuracy, appropriate use of figures of speech, etc.
  • Editing track: This track is aimed at teaching scientific peer review and copy-editing for popular science writings. The participants also get hands-on experience in helping writers elucidate science and expression in their writings.
  • Design Track:  This newly added track is focused on introducing participants to designing graphics to complement popular science writings. The graphics may include line drawings, infographics, animations and social media posters.


Anybody who is passionate about science communication should apply, however, the program is majorly intended and highly recommended for science undergraduates and college students. However, students of humanities with an inclination towards journalism and graduates of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) will also be considered keeping in view their availability, commitment, and experience.

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Last date to apply: 8 July, 2020


See what previous graduates have to say about the program.


    • Muhammad Hamza Waseem

    • Muhammad Hamza Waseem is a graduate student at the Department of Physics, University of Oxford. His research focuses on quantum magnonics and spintronics. Previously, while studying electrical engineering as an undergraduate in Lahore, Hamza helped establish the first lab for single photon quantum mechanics in Pakistan. Passionate about science outreach and public engagement, Hamza helped Khwarizmi Science Society organize the Lahore Science Mela. He also co-founded Spectra, an online magazine aimed at fostering a community of popular science writers in Pakistan and is currently serving as Managing Director. Hamza's academic interests lie in magnetism, optics, and history and philosophy of science, but he also likes to read popular science, detective fiction and Urdu ghazals.
    • Sidra Tul Muntaha

    • Sidra Tul Muntaha is doing her Masters in Industrial Ecology at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She is also selected for Harvard Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program 2020. She is working in Spectra as Director Training Program and is a graduate of 2017 batch of Spectra summer internship program which shows that her immense hard work and dedication led her to a leading position. She is also part of Scientist Advisory Board at NHSJS. Her interests include material science, sustainability and circular economy.
    • Afaf Kayani

    • Afaf is working as an Analyst for Utilita Energy in UK where she analyses large data sets of electric and gas markets. She has been serving as Director Design in Spectra since 2018. Her role involves managing a team of designers to ensure that quality graphics are designed to complement scientific articles and news report. She has been working towards perceiving science as passion through science illustrations under the banner of Spectra. She conducted Design Track of Spectra Internship in 2018 and is blessed to have the opportunity to extend her skills to graphic designers for this year's internship.


Q: Is internship free of cost?

A: Yes, Spectra is a non-profit organization. 

Q: I have filled the form, now what?

A: You will have to wait until the application is officially closed. If selected, you will be contacted by the Spectra team via email within 5 days of the closing of the application.

Q: I need more information, who should I contact?

A: You can write your queries at 

Q: Will I be contacted if I am not selected?

A: No, you will only be contacted if you are selected. If you do not receive any communication from the Spectra team within 7 days of closing of the application, it is highly probable that you did not make the selection.

Q: Is the internship entirely virtual?

A: Yes

Q: How long is the internship?

A: 5 weeks


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