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  1. Interviews
Dr Imran Anwar, an ardent mathematician, is currently an Associate Professor at the Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, Lahore. He has research interests in Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, and Enumerative Combinatorics. Recently, Spectra had the opportunity to speak to Dr Imran about the transformation of his initial fascination with mathematics to a career choice, […]
  1. Technology
The aviation industry has greatly evolved ever since the Wright Brothers took their first flight. The power of innovation has led man to create a sustainable future for transportation. Particularly, science fiction movies have always triggered the public imagination for flying cars. Up till now, people have suspected the feasibility of this idea, but it […]
  1. Physical Sciences
Technology is developing at a remarkable pace.  Every “latest” technology withers away like autumn leaves and even newer tech-gadgets take its place like blossoming flowers in spring. Many complex technologies that facilitate our lives have reached their current state from humble beginnings. One of these technologies which seems pretty mundane to us today is a […]
  1. Technology
Various demographic and commercial changes in the metropolitan areas emphasize the need for better transportation facilities. As the human cardiovascular system transports blood and distributes nutrients to all parts of the body properly when there are no disruptions in the veins and arteries: a good transportation network is similarly necessary for economic and commercial development. […]


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