With the crumbling environment, we just can’t afford to use fossil fuels anymore, so we turn to cleaner alternatives like wind turbines and solar panels. However, if we think about it, there are periods when we won’t have sunshine, and periods when there’s no wind, consequently we’ll have to deal with periods with no electricity when we rely on these sources alone. Hard to imagine, right?

Today most of our activities are dependent on a constant supply of electricity, whether it’s to power a household lamp or to power the huge machines in factories – we need to come up with a way to solve this issue if we have to use renewable resources.

Form Energy, a grid storage company started in 2017, proposed the use of batteries to store energy from renewable resources that could be used when these resources fail to supply. However, such batteries will need to be more than seven times less expensive than what they are today to be feasible to use. In addition to being inexpensive, they must be able to store a large amount of energy – particularly in the case of cloudy and less windy days.

Currently companies like Form Energy and Antora are working to develop batteries that have such characteristics, hoping to solve the energy problem that will make use of renewable resources more feasible.



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