SpaceX has disclosed the prototype Starship that it hopes will one day take humans to Mars. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX has recently given a presentation regarding the development of the firm’s rocket, Starship, which is intended to fly passengers to the Red Planet.

Weighing 1400 tons when loaded with fuel, the Starship is an absolute beast with its 165 feet stainless steel structure, and three SpaceX’s reusable Raptor engines attached to its base. SpaceX plans to combine the Starship, previously known as the Big Falcon Rocket, with its Super Heavy Booster. This will make it the largest and most powerful rocket ever made, producing about double the propulsive force of the Saturn V that carried astronauts to the Moon back in 1969. Currently, the company is working on two such identical Starship Rockets.

During the presentation, Elon Musk made a bold promise that the Starship will be tested in one to two months and carry its first batch of passengers at some point next year. During the first test, we’ll witness the Starship fly up to 12 miles before returning to Earth. However, his time-honored goal continues to flourish which is, to take human beings to Mars.

Lastly, alongside Boeing, SpaceX is one of the two main contractors of this program. If Musk has his way, combined with successful extending flights of future versions into the orbit, this prototype of SpaceX’s Starship could be the most vital tool that led to the creation of most historic vehicles ever made.


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