Cancer is a disease that haunts billions worldwide. For some forms of this disease, there are no cures. For others, the treatment process is excruciating and destructive to the body. CRISPR is a technique with great potential because it allows you to add or delete genes to give organisms any features you want.

At the University of Pennsylvania, researchers used this technique to reprogram T cells. T cells are white blood cells that play a central role in immune system. They extracted these cells, deleted the gene that inhibits a body’s mechanisms of disposing off of potentially harmful bodies inside you.

They added a gene that allowed these T cells to attack cancer cells. Then, they injected it back into the body from which they extracted them and let their newly prepared army deal with the enemy itself.

Their experimental study was successful and they cured two patients-one with sarcoma, the other with multiple myeloma.


The news is covered by Zainab Mubasher.

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