Why Join Spectra?

Spectra is one of a kind student organization with an emphasis on skill building. At Spectra, you will get a chance to work on exciting new projects in the areas of science writing, journalism, marketing, and business development. Our strong community includes high achieving student leaders from all the top universities of the country. Our unique training programs and feedback mechanisms continue to polish your skills throughout your stay.

 One of the best features of Spectra is the team. My seniors helped polish my skills with their feedback reviews, while their constant help and assistance has made working here a true pleasure.

Umama Nasir, Writer, Spectra Magazine

 As a platform for visually communicating ideas through graphic designing, Spectra has blessed me with the opportunity to bring life to science journalism through illustration and visual composition of different elements. The experience has taught me to maintain uniformity within design work yet experimenting with creativity. Moulding design skills towards science has initiated a process towards perceiving science as passion instead of field of the intellectuals.

Afaf Kayani, Director Design, Spectra Magazine

We are Looking for HR Director

Spectra is seeking a motivated HR Director with outstanding people skills and a strong work ethic to effectively manage its Human Resource Department. As a volunteer non–profit Spectra faces unique challenges in recruitment, staff retention, and staff productivity and hence the role of HR Director at Spectra provides an opportunity to create high impact and play a central role in the growth of Spectra.

The ideal candidate for this role should possess a high work ethic, excellent communication skills, strategic thinking abilities, strong organizational skills, and excellent interpersonal skills. The exceptional HR Director should improve HR processes, implement strategies that support business growth, improve morale and employee retention, manage job satisfaction, attract the best recruits, and promote the organization’s values.

HR Director Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute an organization’s HR strategy and policy. 
  • Identifying staffing needs, creating job descriptions.
  • Actively oversee recruitment and talent management. 
  • Managing staff wellness and performance reviews.
  • Motivating and supporting current staff.
  • Maintaining staff records

HR Director Requirements

  • Strong work ethic and responsible attitude.
  • Knowledge of HR practices. 
  • Willingness to learn. 
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Highly organized.
  • Superior interpersonal skills.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Good problem-solving skills.
  • Strong people skills.

How To Apply

Send your CV at usman@spectramagazine.org and provide a short description of why you feel motivated to join Spectra.

8 June 2019.
All work for Spectra is pro-bono and is not monetarily compensated.