Why Join Spectra?

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Spectra is one of a kind student organization with an emphasis on skill building. At Spectra, you will get a chance to work on exciting new projects in the areas of science writing, journalism, marketing, and business development. Our strong community includes high achieving student leaders from all the top universities of the country. Our unique training programs and feedback mechanisms continue to polish your skills throughout your stay.

 One of the best features of Spectra is the team. My seniors helped polish my skills with their feedback reviews, while their constant help and assistance has made working here a true pleasure.

Umama Nasir, Writer, Spectra Magazine

 As a platform for visually communicating ideas through graphic designing, Spectra has blessed me with the opportunity to bring life to science journalism through illustration and visual composition of different elements. The experience has taught me to maintain uniformity within design work yet experimenting with creativity. Moulding design skills towards science has initiated a process towards perceiving science as passion instead of field of the intellectuals.

Afaf Kayani, Director Design, Spectra Magazine

What are we looking for?

  • We are looking for bright, eager to learn, dedicated and hardworking team members who are passionate about science communication.
  • There is no strict eligibility criteria, however, STEM background is generally helpful for applicants applying for writing and editing positions. Students of humanities with an inclination towards journalism are also encouraged to apply.
  • For the roles in Human Resource, Finance, Publicity, and Business Development teams, relevant experience and aptitude will be preferred.
  • Spectra also highly value that you are a right cultural fit i.e. you share our moral values. See these slides for information on what values we hold dear.

Roles Descriptions

  • Editorial Team

    1. Science Writer/Journalist
      Find, research and create textual content on themes of science, engineering, medicine, education, STEM policy, and research. Interview scientists, researchers, STEM professionals, and other inspiring personalities.
      You are a good fit for this role if you have good research skills, are good at first principles thinking, have a good grasp of English language and are an avid reader.
    2. Science Editor
      Assist, critique and guide writers and journalists in their tasks. Editors main job is to ensure that the content quality is maintained. Dedicated training will be provided to successful applicants to bring them up to date with the norms of modern editing.
      You are a good fit for this role if you have good grasp of English language, in general, and grammar in particular, are an avid reader and are able to provide good feedback.
    3. Graphic Designers/Science Illustrators
      Graphics designers provide visualization to complement the work of science writers and editors. Visualizations can be illustrations, caricatures, infographics or any other form of digital artwork.
      You are a good fit for this role if you are imaginative and have admirable digital design skills.

Spectra Podcast

Spectra Podcast is a new initiative by Spectra with the ambition to create a first of its kind: an easy to listen to science podcast in Urdu. The podcast will contain news bites, interviews and general discussions on science, research and education. Our podcast team is lead by Aimah Moiz (aimahmoiz@gmail.com) who is a graduate of University College Roosevelt, Netherlands. During her time at university she served as Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper and was the Creative Director of the university radio, a capacity in which she not only created radio content but also trained other people on how to do so.

This is a challenging role, and will require a lot of time, commitment and learning. You are a good fit for this role if you have passion for science communication, have good research, analytical and writing skills. In particular, if you have experience with Urdu Debating and/or Writing, this will be a good fit for you. Applicants with an interest in science communication and bit of video and/or sound-editing experience are also welcome.


  • Management Team

    1. Human Resource Team
      Human Resource Team is responsible for ensuring smooth hiring, on-boarding and general workload management of the Spectra team members.
      You are a good fit for this role if you are people savvy, generally like dealing with people and have general HR related skills such as writing a good email, examining applications etc.
    2. Finance Team
      Finance Team is responsible for providing the necessary funds for the smooth functioning of the magazine through contacting sponsors. Candidate should be able to arrange funding and sponsorship for Spectra.
      You are a good fit for this team if you have past Finance or Sponsorship Team experience, have good selling and pitching skills.
    3. Publicity Team
      Publicity team is responsible for publicizing about Spectra Magazine via various mediums such as social media, on-campus orientation sessions and/or any other mean deemed suitable. Your job will be to develop and execute creative marketing and publicity campaigns and help Spectra reach out to a wider audience.
      You are a good fit for this team if you have good social media presence, are a good public speaker, are a creative thinker and/or have a passion for publicity and marketing in general.
    4. Business Development Team
      As part of the Business Development Team, you will develop solutions to make Spectra sustainable and to maximize its impact. You will research about and propose solutions to challenges faced by Spectra and devise strategies to drive growth of Spectra. Read Investopedia entry to know more about this role.
      You are a good fit for this role if you have an ‘entrepreneurial’ nature and consider yourself a ‘business leader’ of the future, are good with research and analysis and have a medium level knowledge of wide array of subjects such as finance, marketing, content development etc.
  • IT Team

    1. Web Developer and SEO Expert
      As Web Developer and SEO Expert you will be responsible for managing Spectra’s website and other related IT needs.
      You are a good fit for this role if you have the basic understanding of what WordPress is and how it can interact with HTML/CSS and be able to use WordPress template function.

How To Apply?

Apply Here


Q: I have filled the form. When will I be notified about my selection/non-selection?
A: You will have to wait until the recruitment drive is officially closed. If selected, you will be contacted by the Spectra team via email within 7 days of the closing of the recruitment drive.

Q: Can I apply for more than one role?
A: Yes, you can. However, for every role you are applying to, you will have to fill a separate form.

Q: Will I be contacted if I am not selected?
A: No, you will only be contacted if you are selected. If you do not receive any communication from Spectra team within 7 days of closing of the recruitment drive, it is highly probable that you did not make the selection.

Q: Do I require previous experience to get selected?
A: Even though we welcome previous experience, not having previous experience will not be detrimental to your application.

Q: What are the time requirements?
A: Time requirements generally vary from team to team, however, in no case they exceed an average workload of 10 hrs per week.

Q: I need more information, who should I contact?
A: You can write to the HR department hr@spectramagazine.org or to our Assistant Managing Director mohsina@spectramagazine.org. If you need information about a certain department, you are welcomed to directly write to the concerning department’s director. You can find their contact information on ‘Meet Our Team’ page.