1. Technology
Microprocessors have found their way in almost every electronic device that is available today.  Microprocessors and microcontrollers enable the modern world to produce devices that comprehend the environment and react to situations producing a much desired effect. The operating speed of modern day computers has increased over a thousand times in the past twenty years. […]
  1. Technology
Various demographic and commercial changes in the metropolitan areas emphasize the need for better transportation facilities. As the human cardiovascular system transports blood and distributes nutrients to all parts of the body properly when there are no disruptions in the veins and arteries: a good transportation network is similarly necessary for economic and commercial development. […]
  1. Physical Sciences
  2. Technology
As a terminal disease threatening human existence, cancer alters DNA in human cells, causing uncontrolled cell division and ultimately spreads the disease. In order to destroy these abnormal cells, radiations are used but difficulty arises in targeting radiations to these abnormal cells without affecting neighboring healthy cells. In order to combat the disease effectively, a solution […]

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