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The invention of computer made calculations very fast. It paved the way for a rapid progress in science and technology. The early versions of computer were bulky. However, the invention of integrated chip in 1959 made desktops and laptops possible. For daily life needs, today’s computer technology is good enough. But with the time, data […]
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Since the inception of modern science, people have wondered what it might be like to expand the boundaries of the brainpower to achieve super-intelligence or be able to manipulate and read someone else’s thoughts.  Theorists and sci-fi enthusiasts, for years, have been talking about a singularity point where human and machine can merge, ultimately giving […]
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Ever wondered how engineers design aircraft, boats, submarines, rockets, jet engines, wind turbines or artificial hearts? These devices, though differing greatly in function, involve a fluid — air in aircraft, water in boats and blood in hearts. Thus, in order to properly design these devices, there is a need to analyze the motion of fluid […]

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