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John von Neumann was one of the most influential figures of 20th century who made far-reaching contributions to the areas of mathematics, mathematical physics and economy. He was a Hungarian-American mathematician and a genius who pioneered the famous ‘Game Theory’, modern computer designing, equilibrium model of economy, and much more. He was also a key […]
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History is filled with rivalry. Be it between nations, companies, or sportsmen, rivalries exist wherever there is something to be gained. Science is no exception. Scientists have often disagreed with one another; multiple people have demanded recognition for the same theory or invention that they developed independently. Even Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest […]
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Equations are made up of intricate or simple connections of numerals and variables. They are a simplified representation of a relationship which can be defined by a mathematical statement. The persistence behind the work of previous mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers in narrowing down complex relations to a sequence of symbols that we can use for […]
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Technology is developing at a remarkable pace.  Every “latest” technology withers away like autumn leaves and even newer tech-gadgets take its place like blossoming flowers in spring. Many complex technologies that facilitate our lives have reached their current state from humble beginnings. One of these technologies which seems pretty mundane to us today is a […]

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