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General relativity is classical in nature while quantum mechanics upholds the idea of quantization and interference at the subatomic scale. Quantum (field) theory successfully accommodates all the interactions of nature in its framework but gravity (this framework is called the Standard Model of Particle Physics). However, general relativity is the only available tool to study all the manifestations of the gravitational field.
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Nineteenth century was the century of science evolution. Many revolutionary ideas were presented during this century. In biology, Charles Darwin introduced the idea of evolution and natural selection. The germ theory of diseases was proved. In physics, the experiments, theories and discoveries of the likes of Michael Faraday, Andre-Marie Ampere, James Clerk Maxwell, and others […]
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The invention of computer made calculations very fast. It paved the way for a rapid progress in science and technology. The early versions of computer were bulky. However, the invention of integrated chip in 1959 made desktops and laptops possible. For daily life needs, today’s computer technology is good enough. But with the time, data […]
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Dr Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy is a nuclear physicist, mathematician, and activist. He did his BSc in mathematics and electrical engineering from MIT and went on to have an MSc in Solid State Physics and a PhD in Nuclear Physics from the same institution. He has had an extensive academic career: working as a guest scientist […]

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