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During the week of the Deaf, ConnectHear produced an emotive Dear Hearing People video campaign. The video showed a few Deaf and hard of hearing people sending a message to all hearing people of Pakistan to listen to them in sign language. The response can be exhibited in the tens of thousands of views they have gotten on the video.
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Ever wondered how engineers design aircraft, boats, submarines, rockets, jet engines, wind turbines or artificial hearts? These devices, though differing greatly in function, involve a fluid — air in aircraft, water in boats and blood in hearts. Thus, in order to properly design these devices, there is a need to analyze the motion of fluid […]
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Emotional stress is a state that tends to disturb the equilibrium between an individual’s physiology and its external environment. Any disturbance in the psychological attributes can haunt the physical fitness of the individual. Moreover, it can increase the susceptibility and course of many life-threatening diseases including cancer. Emotional imbalance is a common response of patients […]

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