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Everyone has a knowledge hungry science-worm in them that awakens every time they read about a ground-breaking, earth-shattering, neuron-exploding discovery. Even more so when they come across vaccines, drugs, and therapies that have borne the brunt of pre-clinical testing and finally moved on to clinical trials, a step closer to the general public. Unfortunately, many […]
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Eduardo Fernandez, director of neuroengineering at the University of Miguel Hernandez, Spain has presented a particularly unique approach to cure blindness. His method uses technology embedded directly in the rear of the brain as opposed to previous techniques which usually involved prosthetic eyes or retinas. The mechanism uses a modified pair of glasses fitted with […]
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The most fundamental aspect related to life is death. Life, in reality, is a balance maintained by chemical forces between different molecules. There exist more conditions in an ever-changing world to challenge rather than sustain this molecular balance. Sooner or later the harmonious execution of these brilliant chemical forces is expected to go out of […]

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