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Arslan Chaudhry is a Rhodes Scholar studying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning towards his Ph.D. dissertation at Oxford. Originally from Lahore, Arslan completed his undergraduate education from UET Lahore in Electrical Engineering and worked with Mentor Graphics, a popular company specializing in embedded electronics, for two years before arriving at Oxford. As part of our […]
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There is a growing concern about the continuously declining state of education in Pakistan. While numerous issues are at play in aggravating the situation, an in-depth analysis reveals that  the heart of the problem lies at the soulless education offered by commercial ‘education franchises’, which rarely promote anything but rote-learning and a blindfolded chase of […]
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It is no exaggeration to say that the award-winning TV series Cosmos made science and astronomy household names around the world. Created in the 1980s by the celebrated American astronomer and science popularizer, Carl Sagan, the show influenced a whole generation of scientists. Sagan passed away in 1996, yet his work continues to inspire the […]

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