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Rabia Nusrat, ideaXme’s Public Interviewer and an environmental engineering enthusiast from UET Lahore, interviewed Shayan Sohail Sarwar, a chemical engineer from the University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan. Shayan Sohail Sarwar is a young innovator, and chief technology officer of Pak Vitae, a company dedicated to solving water problems for low-income communities. Driven by […]
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Before the scientific method, philosophy answered mankind’s big questions. But somewhere along the way, science conquered philosophy; scientists became rather mechanical, surrendering their hobbies and creativity to tireless invention and discovery. IdeaXme’s founder, Andrea Macdonald, interviews Dr. Sam Illingworth, an atmospheric physicist, and an avid science communicator. Dr. Illingworth is currently a Senior Lecturer in […]
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Stephen Furber is a Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Manchester. He is also the creator of SpiNNaker (Spiking Neural Network Architecture):  a supercomputer developed for brain modeling. Andrea Macdonald Founder of ideaXme interviews Stephen Furber. Furber talks about his life and work at Acorn, where he helped introduce computing into schools and […]
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Michael Seres, human health and medical innovation ambassador of ideaXme recently spoke with Dr. John B. Charles, former Chief Scientist of the Human Research Program, NASA. Dr.Charles’ career with the organization spanned 35 years and focused on maximizing human health and physical performance in space. Dr. Charles talks of that career and ongoing association with […]

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