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Spectra Magazine is an online magazine aiming to enhance public understanding of science and shape the narrative of science journalism in Pakistan.

Despite the present-day explosion of newspapers and magazines, science is hardly conceived as a genre in the Pakistani journalism. Indigenous science is especially routinely ignored by the national media. Moreover, contributions of scientists as big as Salam are neglected, let alone the newbies. This further aggravates the possibility of people taking interest in science and/or adopting it as a profession. In such a sorry state of affairs, there is a dire need for a national publication to further the cause of disseminating science and love of science.

Spectra not only aspires to be a successful science publication but also aims to be the training bed of next generation of science journalists in Pakistan by means of its carefully calibrated training programs. Our ideals are grounded in scientific accuracy coupled with sound storytelling. Rather than teaching science, we hope to eliminate the fear factor of science that has long hindered scientific progress in Pakistan. Though we cannot claim that Spectra will fill the void of science journalism in Pakistan, we do hope that our success may inspire others to follow in our footsteps, paving way for a science-friendly Pakistan.

We thank you for visiting Spectra Magazine and invite your constructive feedback as you browse through the pages.


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